When Is The Best Time To Replace A Fuse Board

When Is The Best Time To Replace A Fuse Board
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When a homeowner talks about updating and replacing items, fuse boards are not the type of thing that often comes to mind. The majority of householders are aware of the fuses/breakers themselves and how occasionally they require replacement, but the fuse board that contains them is rarely thought to require replacement.

For modern fuse boards, it is true that changing the fuse board itself is rarely necessary—certainly not because of any long-term degeneration of the board owing to the passage of time. The fuse board will almost always need to be replaced as a result of an upgrade or renovation that calls for a larger board.

Sometimes a fuse board will need to be replaced because it is so old that it no longer complies with safety standards. Additionally, if a fuse board is damaged in any way, it will almost probably need to be replaced. However, if none of these circumstances apply, there is probably no good need to replace your fuse box.

What is a fuse board

A fuse board, which is also known as a fuse box or an electricity board, is a safety feature for any building, whether commercial or residential, that serves as a sort of gatekeeper for any power entering the building.

It has a number of RCDs (residual current devices) that correspond to various electrical system components of the building. You might have an RCD specifically for your lights, another for the outlets in your basement, one for your electric oven, and so on.

The RCD’s function is to disconnect the power the moment there is an excessive power draw, signalling the presence of a malfunction. This stops people from suffering injury.

Why should my fuse box be replaced?

Your electrical system being upgraded, replacing an old fuse board, such as one with a metal box, or because the current fuse board was damaged, are the three primary reasons to replace your fuse board.


If your fuse board is not too old, the main reason you would want to upgrade is if you wanted extra capacity. This frequently occurs when you install home additions or even a new high-power electrical device, such an electric shower.

What Is the Job’s Duration?

Of course, a number of factors, including the expertise and experience of the individual doing the changing, might influence how long it takes to change a fuse box. A professionally installed fuse box that is in good shape will be much easier to repair than one that was done improperly or has been damaged, therefore the state of the fuse board is also vital.

Fuse board replacement typically takes between two and five hours.

Can I handle it by myself?

This type of electrical work is referred to as “notifiable,” which means you cannot complete it on your own without a valid certificate. This does not exclude you from performing the work, but in order for it to be legitimate, it will need to be certified by a licenced electrician.

You can perform some electrical operations on your own, like changing a light switch or electrical outlet, but this is much riskier than those tasks, which is why there are more stringent regulations surrounding it.

Finding a licenced electrician who would approve your work might be difficult since if they fail to spot a mistake you made, they will be responsible for the damage. To avoid having to pay someone to complete work you have already completed, it is best to find an electrician who will approve your work before you begin.

However, generally speaking, we firmly believe that hiring a professional to handle the entire work is the best course of action. Reading about the potential risks if something is done incorrectly vs the financial advantages of doing it yourself is not encouraging.

What Will the Price Be?

Again, the size of the job will determine the ultimate cost, but you should anticipate paying about £500 for a professional replacement fuse board that has been thoroughly inspected and certified.

Even while we’d never advise you to spend more money than you have to, it is important to note that anything less than £400 would be a highly unusual price and would be worth looking into more. You shouldn’t allow this kind of labour to be done incorrectly since if something goes wrong, it could cause substantial annoyance, if not serious injury.

Does any additional work need to be done?

If there are no other problems to take care of, replacing a fuse board would not necessarily require any more labour beyond the repair task itself. It is evident that if the wiring coming into or leaving the fuse board is subpar, it must be replaced, adding to the overall workload of the project.

Additional non-electrical job is another possibility. For instance, it is mandated by law that the fuse board be firmly fixed. It could be essential to repair the wall or relocate the fuse board if the wall where the fuse board is currently located is decaying or not up to code.

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