Do You Have an Old Fuse Box

Do You Have an Old Fuse Box
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For many years, homes came standard with a fuse box or fuse panel. The fuses in the house divided the various circuits, and in the event of a voltage overload, a fuse would burn out and stop the flow of electricity to that circuit.

The fuse box, however, is outdated and has been for some time. They have been replaced by electrical panels that employ circuit breakers. Instead of burning out, circuit breakers trip due to voltage spikes, and because they can be reset later, replacing them doesn’t need replacing a fuse.

You may believe that there isn’t much of a problem and you can get away with the odd inconvenience if your house still has a fuse box. We don’t advise taking this course for a number of reasons. We’ll explain why hiring a pro to replace your fuse box in Edinburgh is the greatest option for your house and should be done as soon as possible.

Reason #1 Fuse boxes may pose a threat to safety.

If your home has a fuse box, it is most likely older than 50 years old and should have been changed a long time ago. Any electrical panel that receives electrical current ages over time, increasing the risk of electrical fires. Fuse boxes also lack several of the fundamental safety safeguards included in contemporary breaker boxes, namely AFCI protection, which prevents arcing problems (electrical current jumping from one circuit to another).

Reason #2 Fuse boxes can’t keep up with current electrical use, which is reason number two.

Since fuse boxes were the norm, the amount of electricity used in modern dwellings has significantly increased. Fuse boxes require bigger and bigger fuses as electrical loads rise. These larger fuses increase the risk of electrical fires and will result in variable electrical performance across the home.

Reason #3: It’s difficult to change fuses.

Every time a breaker trips, electrical panels with breaker boxes make life much simpler. Only the breaker switch needs to be reset, which may be done at the panel. A fuse must be manually changed when it blows. Breaker panels have the advantage of being much smaller than fuse boxes and supporting more circuits, allowing you to segment the house into multiple circuits using less electricity.

Reason #4: Upgrading a fuse box can result in decreased insurance costs.

Fuse boxes increase the cost of homeowner’s insurance since they carry a higher risk. Making the change could result in annual premium savings of several hundred pounds. If you ever decide to sell your house, the electrical panel will increase its worth as well.

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Upgrades to electrical panels are a specialty of our certified electricians for our clients. If you have a fuse box, we’ll make sure the replacement is completed quickly and precisely. We place a high priority on your safety and the functionality of your home, and we provide a service panel with an unlimited lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee of one hundred percent.

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