Benefits of upgrading your fuse box

Benefits of upgrading your fuse box

Give yourself piece of mind by upgrading to a replacement fuseboard. You may contribute to the electrical safety of your home by changing it. It is preferable to get someone in to do an inspection, such as a licenced and skilled electrician, in order to determine whether it needs to be replaced.

It could be time to replace the fuse board.

You can use a few minor indicators to decide for yourself whether you need to replace your consumer unit. Look inside your fuse box to see if the backing is made of wood. It needs to be consigned to history and replaced with something more contemporary and user-friendly because it is pretty old and may perhaps include cast iron switches. You can call Albion Electrical Edinburgh and we’ll validate your worries by running our own testing just to be sure.

RCDs are residual current devices.

Your ancient fuse box probably doesn’t include RCDs, even though it should. RCDs are residual current devices that, in the event that a fuse blows, immediately turn off the electricity to avoid an electric shock and potentially fatal circumstances.

Make sure your electrics are up to par if you’re also planning to build something new, like a shower or an addition.

Good Grounding.

There should, and typically does, be a good reason to replace your fuse box. When you upgrade a fuse board, especially if your current fuse box is as detailed above, you are ensuring the safety of everyone who lives with you and there should always be good reasons to do so.

Once the RCD is installed, you’ll feel secure enough to replace light bulbs and fuses, begin installing the plumbing for the shower, or perhaps build the addition you’ve been promised yourself. Additionally, you’ll be confident that any personnel you hire to perform specific tasks will be able to operate the electrics safely.

Accidents can happen, but they are less likely to be fatal with a contemporary fuse box. Accidents of the kind that can happen as a result of keeping an old fuse box can be fatal. One such instance is when the flex is cut by an electrical device you are using. Then, without realising it, someone picked up the flex, which resulted in an electric shock. This may lead to a trip to the hospital or in extremely extreme circumstances, death.

Lowering the possibility of electrical fires.

The risk of an electrical fire will be reduced with a modern fuse box replacement since it can identify defective wiring and turn off the power, preventing heat buildup that could cause a fire. Electric shocks may result from a circuit overload, however since RCDs automatically switch off the circuit, this will not happen.

Your modern fuse box may contain circuit breakers and RCDs that could potentially save your life.

Your fuse box’s circuit breakers are what shut off the power, but this would never happen with an earlier model. If you contact any live cables, these built-in breakers will trip in less than a nanosecond, saving your life before it can cause any harm.

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