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New electrical installations must abide by current safety regulations. Cutting shortcuts might expose your property to risk, making you accountable if defective wiring causes an accident. Electrical installers that are qualified have the expertise and experience to prioritise safety while adhering to current wiring requirements, safeguarding tenants, employees, and homeowners alike.

We have a team of fully qualified electricians in Edinburgh and the nearby areas who are capable of performing a variety of electrical services. The British Standard BS7671, The British Standard Requirements for Electrical Installations, is rigorously adhered to in all workmanship.

EICS Certificate

Electrical Installation Certificates

Electrical Installation Certificates (EICS) demonstrate adherence to Building Regulations Part P. When performing “notifiable” work, such as creating a new circuit, updating a consumer unit, or altering a “special location,” you are given them (e.g. a bathroom, wet room, sauna, or swimming pool). Additionally, copies will be submitted to NICEIC and the local authority. EICs are crucial because they demonstrate that your installations adhere to laws, and without them you can have difficulties selling your home. One of our electrical managers reviews and approves all of the work done by our electrical installers. On your behalf, they manage the notification procedure.

Minor works certificates

Not all work to an electrical installation needs an EIC. Minor works, for example, aren’t notifiable and will instead require a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate (MEIWC):

The majority of electrical maintenance and repairs include: 

Adding lighting points to an existing circuit
Replacing the wires for single circuit
Fitting replacement RCD or SPD
✓ New enclosures for existing installations
Adding socket or fused spur
An MEIWC won’t be necessary for some extremely simple tasks, like changing switch like for like.

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What is NICEIC registration?

Being a registered Domestic Installer, we provide peace of mind through safe electrical installations. It allows us to notify work to Part P of the Building Regulations, and means that our electrical installers are highly competent. We achieve NICEIC registration by focusing on quality workmanship, coming fully insured, and maintaining accurate records. We also have qualified electrical managers.

To gain registration with NICEIC, a company needs to show compliance with the IET Wiring Regulations, and the Rules of Registration of Domestic Installers. The process checks for competent installation work, and ensures the same care is given to electrical testing and inspections.

NICEIC is the leading regulator of electrical work in the UK. Endorsed by the government, it helps maintain standards within the electrical industry. With a NICEIC-registered company like Aspect, you receive a service you can trust.

Our guarantee and accreditations

We’re fully trade accredited. Albion Electrical is registered with NICEIC as an Approved Contractor and Domestic Installer. We’re registered with TrustMark for our electrical work, and are members of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA). In addition, the Albion Electrical garantee covers all workmanship for up to 12 months. When you book with Albion Electrical, you can expect professional expertise and the supply of the right certificates from qualified electrical installers.